balenaEtcher Decompressing Slowly

Hi there, first off thank you for the excellent free software.

I am curious why the “Decompressing” stage takes so long. I’m running the latest version of balenaEtcher.

On my main PC, my storage drive (where the images I’m flashing are) is a RAID0 array of 10,000RPM hard drives with a read/write speed in excess of 700MB/s. My Windows boot drive is an NVMe SSD, and the drives I’m flashing to doesn’t seem to have any effect on the decompressing stage, as it shouldn’t - although if it matters they vary from cheap USB 3.0 flash drives to mSATA SSDs in USB 3.0 enclosures to which the actual flashing speed is 100MB/s or better. During the decompressing stage Task Manager shows 16.5MB/s of write speed (although it can easily do 1GB/s) while balenaEtcher is “decompressing” at 13MB/s…my i7-6700 is sitting there at like 20% load…

I have the same problem on my laptop, running one version older (1.5.120), it decompresses about the same speed although that one is pure SSD, no spinning rust, and an i7 CPU as well.

It’s not the end of the world that it takes a minute or two to decompress but I’m just trying to understand what the bottleneck is and if I can speed it up. Thank you!

Have you tried benchmarking/comparing decompression of the same image using native OS tools?