balenaDash - Turn off HDMI display

Hi, This may be a noob question, but I have not found an answer on forums or otherwise. I have upgraded a few of my Photo Frames to use balenaDash. I have used the Backlight scheduler to turn off Pi 7" screen successfully. However I have a 2 other that use HDMI connected monitors. In the past I have used tvservice to make this happen. I cannot however find a way to do this on balenaDash.

Any help or pointing tin right direction will be much appreciated.

@JediJah hey there and welcome to the forums! You could actually help with the project here!

There has been an open PR that adds this functionality on the repo for a while, we just haven’t had a chance to test it and merge yet. If you could test it and give it a review, I think you’ll get the functionality you want, and we’ll be able to get it merged and added to the main project too.

Here’s the open PR:

So I finally had so time to test this. I tested on 2 monitors (Old Laptop screen w/ driver board, Asus monitor) and a 4K TV. I was unable to get it to turn off the display.

Hi @JediJah

Thanks for your feedback! Can we ask you, though, to post the details of what you have tried and the results as a comment on the PR? That will be the best way to help us get the PR finalized.

Thank you very much!

Kind regards