BalenaDash Screen Resolution RPI3 official 7" screen


I made BalenaDash work on my RPI3b. Now I want to show the URL, but when opening Google, I only see the bottom left part of the webpage. Is there a device variable to tell the RPI to scale the resolution, so I can see the full page?

I tried to put this into the device configuration page, but has no effect.

RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_hdmi_mode 16


Hi, could you please let me know whether you are using the “Raspberry Pi 3” or “Raspberry Pi 3 (using 64bit OS)” device type? Could you also tell me what DT overlay the device is set to in the “Device Configuration” page?

Using 32 bit RPI3 version.

Hi, Looking up HDMI_mode = 16 that is trying to set the resolution to 1080p, when the Pi Display is natively 800x480 - is that what you are intending to do?

Hello, I managed to change the resolution following this guide:

it works now.

My last problem is. I have a service running on http://localhost:5000

If I want to use tohora to change it, I get connection refused. If I type in the, the same. Only if I type in the local_lan_ip:5000 it shows the page. What is the reason for this?


Hey - Could you open this new issue in a new thread? We like to keep the support threads to one issue, so that people can find answers to their issues quickly in the future. We’ll try and help you in your new thread.

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