Balena tunnel "waiting for connections..." never resolves

We run balena tunnel -p 22222:4321. It just seems to hang at “waiting for connections…”

[Info] Opening a tunnel to …
[Info] - tunnelling localhost:4321 to :22222
[Info] Waiting for connections…

What could be wrong?

Hi. What version of the CLI are you using? We changed how balena tunnel works under the hood, and you need a sufficiently recent version of balena-cli to make it work (at least v12.38.5).

I’m on Windows and just updated to the latest. @Ereski

Hello @mgoldbach

I’m presuming that you used balena tunnel with a application name or a device UUID (as this isn’t shown in your example)…once you see Waiting for connections... you can open another terminal and connect to your device using ssh -p4321 root@localhost.

Doh! Thanks @markcorbinuk