Balena tunnel network requirements


Somehow balena tunnel is not working when I’m connected to our company network.

PS C:\Users\tdewinter> balena tunnel c0c19ef789b536f177debee26be9ca27 -p 8080
[Info]    Opening a tunnel to c0c19ef789b536f177debee26be9ca27...
[Info]     - tunnelling localhost:8080 to c0c19ef789b536f177debee26be9ca27:8080
[Info]    Waiting for connections...
[Error] => ===> :: Device is not listening on port 8080

At home or when using a mobile hotspot, tunneling is working properly.

I’ve asked our IT to check if the firewall is properly set, however they couldn’t find something that could cause these problems.

Can someone supply me with a list of network requirements needed for tunneling? Our give me a possible solution for this problem?


Hello @tomdewinter

To be able to use balena tunnel from your company network you will need to ensure that it will allow outgoing connections to TCP port 3128.

Hi @markcorbinuk

Thanks for your response.

Normally all outgoing ports in our network are opened. However, somehow this traffic was blocked by the router. IT changed some things and now it works. Thanks again!

Hello Tom, thanks for letting us know, glad to hear it is working fine for you now.

As an added question, is it sufficient that the network from which you’re using the balena tunnel command allows outgoing connections on TCP port 3128? So the network of the device you’re trying to tunnel to only needs port 80 and 443 and not 3128?

I’m asking this because our firewall allows outgoing connections on TCP port 3128, but we’re not in control of the firewalls our devices are behind.


Yes this is correct; the tunnel goes over the device’ VPN so the network that the device is running inside of wouldn’t know about it. As long as the device has an active VPN with our cloud, it will work.

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