Balena support RPi1?

Last year i still use the BalenaOS for RPi2 on this RPi1, but with the new version, i cannot run it. So does Balena support this RPi1 anymore?

Hello, The RPi1 is still supported, so your device should work with the latest version. (I notice this is the Chinese market version, but AFAIK this should not make a difference). What failure are you seeing? Can you confirm that the device works properly with other OSs (e.g. Raspian), to rule out device failure?

Yes. It still work properly with Raspbian

The board does not boot with the new BalaneOS, not failure or log in screen. I tried to get the log from UART but nothing too


The BalenaOS for RPi2 is armv7hf while RPi1 is armv6hf so it won’t run. We do provide the balenaOS image for RPi1 under armv6hf section in the download, please download the correct version and let us know how it goes.