balena supervisor died

A couple days ago a device went into a bad state.
It was determined that the resin-supervisor was no longer running.

Diagnostics confirmed the check_supervisor had failed.
check_temperature had also failed along with check_balenaOS.

The supervisor has since been restarted:

systemctl stop balena
systemctl start balena

I’m trying to diagnose this and wondering where I can look for any additional information - particularly the supervisor logs.

Power cycling the device had no effect to restore the situation.
And nothing out of the ordinary was being done prior to the bad state.

HI Jonathan,

You can get most of the relevant logs from device diagnostics in the dashboard. To do so navigate to diagnostics tab of the said device and check the run device diagnostic. It will post with most of the relevant logs for us to diagnose.

I did that but this grabs logs that appear to be all dated Nov 06 (today).
The device is no longer in a bad state.
The issue in question occurred on Nov 03.

On reboot, those logs will be cleared unless you turn on “persistent logging” from the dashboard. You may want to enable that if you start having issues again and want to diagnose further. Here’s more information about persistent logging: