Balena Sound Raspberry Pi 4 with only 1GB Ram enough?

Hi there, I have a running multi-room balena sound instance running on a Raspberry Pi 4 with 8Gb of Ram. I’m using it as the master device and some old andriod phones with snapcast for the other rooms. I see it uses around 550MB of Ram for me so I wondered.

Now I’m evaluating something similar for my farther. Since the only currently available Raspberry Pi I can find is one with only 1GB of Ram, I would like to know if i this would be enough? If it’s not enough for multiroom mode, would it maybe work for standalone? I can’t find any information on this in the docs.

Hi @nebukadnezar thanks for the question, you’re right we don’t list minimum specs for balenaSound, I’ve spotted in this old post a Zero W with 512mb of ram is adequate and personally I use a Pi3 with 1mb no problem.

The comment in the older post still stands though that getting a Pi with a higher spec will futureproof any additional things you may want it to do for your Father in the future, but wouldn’t be neccessary for balenaSound alone.

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Hey @JonJRich thanks for your fast reply :slight_smile: I’ve stumbled over that post aswell as I was researching the topic. Since it will be used only for balena-sound, I guess it will work that way.

Thank you for your help :+1: