Balena SDK for Golang

Any chance there is a go version of the Balena SDK that I am missing?

If not is there an API spec somewhere that we can generate one from?

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Hey, we don’t have a Golang SDK but we would be happy to see you contribute it to the community. In the meantime, you could see the Python or NodeJS SDKs to get a sense on how the API works. Thanks for being part of our community! :call_me_hand:

Hey, I started working on one at It’s far from complete and there are things to improve, but it’s a start :slightly_smiling_face:

We have open sourced our unofficial Balena SDK for Go

Thanks @alethenorio and @hslatman!

We love to see and support community projects like this so if you get to a place where you feel you have enough coverage or stability we may be able to reference it in our docs or a blog post!

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@klutchell While we are not 1.0.0 yet, we are quite stable and have very good coverage (Need to get on pushing coverage reports). We are using balena-go internally and consider it production worthy.

The reason we are not 1.0.0 yet is that we have only used this internally so far and would like to reserve the possibility to change the APIs as we get a wider usage of the library before we call it stable

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Makes total sense @alethenorio - keep us posted as you get community feedback and usage!