Open API Spec for Balena API

Hi All,

I have been putting together a bunch of little scripts that do various tasks using curl and the Balena API for my convenience. For some of these tasks there is documentation/examples and other I have reverse engineered from the nodejs and python SDKs.

I stumbled across this just now:

Which made me wonder is there a Open API spec doc somewhere for either openBalena or Balena?


We don’t have anything beyond that project, which was mostly just a proof of concept – it doesn’t seem to completely describe our API, especially with regards to filtering and joining resources (which I don’t know if OpenAPI is able or even supposed to support). There have been discussions about exposing an OpenAPI interface, but there’s nothing concrete yet.

Our API exposes however an OData interface that you can read about here: and here: and the list of top-level resources is here:

These couple of links, especially the top-level resources one, should hopefully let you to get a better picture of the API instead of digging into the SDK/CLI code.

Thanks @dfunckt. Problem is probably more my lack of experience with OData. Learning that as I go here.

Slowly working out all the queries/actions I need.