Go 1.11 base images


just want to check prio of getting Go 1.11 into the standard base-images library.

I created a mock PR, but I assume there’s more work required:


Just wondering, is there a date for Go 1.11 being available?

Hi @odsod, @clong

I’m so sorry for the late response. We’re busy with the new set of base images which will be released very soon with new namespace balenalib (instead of the old one resin) so some latest releases for our base images are not deployed yet.

Back to Golang v1.11 support, I think we do have the v1.11 Golang images available there. you can try the tag 1.11. Let me know if that tag is missing in any repositories you might find and I will fix it for you.

Ah yeah I see. I’ll give it a go. Thanks.