Balena Push via GitHub Actions?

Hi there,

I’m wondering if there are plans to support an official GitHub Action to push code to a BalenaCloud app using the Balena CLI?

@shaunmulligan – I’ve seen this on the product roadmap, but I’m not sure if it’s specific to a GitHub Action:

This community action is helpful, but it’s slow since it builds from source (and it’s not versioned):

It’s relatively straightforward to DIY with something like this, but I think being able to use an official (and versioned) action would be a great addition.

    - name: Balena Push
      run: |
        curl -L -o /tmp/
        unzip /tmp/ -d /opt
        rm /tmp/
        export PATH=$PATH:/opt/balena-cli
        balena login --token ${{secrets.BALENA_TOKEN}}
        balena push My-App


Thanks for sharing this; I personally wasn’t aware of the project you linked.

It has been made aware to our product team and I believe that they will be discussing the possibility of us providing an official action soon.

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