Balena os not working or is it something about my system?


Not sure where the problem might be, I’m trying to configure a OS to use a new installation of openbalena. So I create the app fine > download an image from the website > unzip it > try running:

$ balena os configure balena.img --app ST_BBB

Debug: original argv0=“node” argv=[/usr/bin/node,/usr/bin/balena,os,configure,balena.img,–app,ST_BBB] length=7
Configuring operating system image
? Network Connection ethernet
Error: Could not read OS version from the image. Please specify the version manually with the --version argument to this command.

So thinking something went wrong with the download/unzip maybe I try use the cml:

$ balena os versions beaglebone

Works fine

$ balena os download
Debug: original argv0=“node” argv=[/usr/bin/node,/usr/bin/balena,os,download,] length=5
Error: You have to specify the output location

Ok, maybe I have the command wrong so I look for some help:

$ balena help os
Debug: original argv0=“node” argv=[/usr/bin/node,/usr/bin/balena,help,os] length=4
Command not found: os

HUH? I just used the command fine when asking for versions!?!?

Given 1st problem with ‘configure’ and now also ‘os’ I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with my installation but have no idea where to start looking. I have openbalena setup on another server just fine but that’s the old version so…?

Hi there,

You can view the comprehensive documentation for the balena CLI here. Note that the helptext is a little different than you may be used to. In order to see all commands, you can run balena help -v, and in order to list more information about a specific command (ie os download), simply pass --help to that command: balena os download --help. The CLI is not organized in the way you expect, though it is something we plan on changing in a future release!

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To add to my previous post, we have opened an issue to track that change and you should feel free to subscribe if you like!

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