Balena Minecraft Server - Creative Mode and other things

I’ve got the minecraft server up and running and can connect to it locally. I’ve also got WinSCP set up so can edit server files if required.

Two things I’ve yet to get worked out though:

  1. How to set the game mode to Creative. I used WinSCP to update the ‘gamemode’ setting in to ‘creative’ and rebooted the device but it’s still in survival mode.

  2. Is there any way to make a publicly available server more secure? A little background required here. My intention is to set up a server for my daughter’s birthday and have her cousins be able to login from their house. I have the server running publicly but is there any way to ensure that only the people I want can access it? Last thing I need is 3 kids getting griefed on a birthday minecraft party :smiley:

Maybe @AlexProgrammerDE can help here? :slight_smile:

you could op yourself per rcon and run /gamemode creative ingame

It is very unlikely someone joins a public minecraft server by accident. But you could try enabling whitelist and only whitelisting the accounts you want to get in. run via rcon whitelist on and then add them. I think the command was whitelist add <playername>

you could op yourself per rcon and run /gamemode creative ingame
I’m going to have to read up on…what any of that means :slight_smile: I managed to get it to work by setting force-gamemode to tru in the

I have more questions :smiley:

Changing the level-seed setting doesn’t seem to do anything. I always end up in a level that’s 99% water. Any idea if this can be changed? I’ve found some pretty interesting seeds that could work well for an online MC birthday party.

@AlexProgrammerDE it looks like we need more of your expert Minecraft knowledge here. :slight_smile:

Seeds only apply on generation! That means you will have to delete your “world” folder too to get the world your seed corresponds to.