My BalenaMinecraftServer won’t let me log in with Scp

I cant scp to work, i think a have tried everything please help. The server work on minecraft, and I can just use RCON in balenacloud dashboard. Please help

Hi Johan,
could you please spare more details about what you are trying to do? SCP is used to copy files via an SSH connection, are you trying to copy file to the device or from the device? The SSH server is listening on port 22222 so you need to use scp -P 22222 .... On development images there is no authentication and on production images you need to specify a public key in the device’s config.json file:

Hi Johan,
looking deeper at the Minecraft app you should be able to access its SCP container by a simple SSH to the devices IP address on the default port 22. The username should be root and the password balena as described here: Could you please share the error message you are getting if any?

i ran into another problem. I want to use 2 or 3gb for my rpi4 but it automatically runs at 1gb. I want to change the startup script, but i dont know how. I’ve been searching for 3 hours. please help


it automatically runs at 1gb

Can you please clarify what this 1GB is of?
Is that RAM or GPU memory? If it’s about GPU memory you can define the amount assigned from the device configuration page in the balena-cloud dashboard.

Can you also clarify the which variant of the Raspberry Pi 4 do you use?

Kind regards,

Can you also clarify whether our earlier response about using SSH to connect to the device helped you get unblocked?

Yes it did

Sorry, but I am not sure which one of the questions you are addressing. Did you actually manage to get unblocked?
Moreover, could you please elaborate on @thgreasi questions?

I wrote the ip. I really need help with upgrading my ram

I wrote the wrong ip*

Can you clarify that you have tried to change the GPU memory assigned on the device configuration page? If this does not help, what are you trying to achieve exactly?

Ram for the minecraft server. Papermc removed the double ram function. Now you need to change the start up script

Hi Johan,

Can I just check that you are using this repo for your Minecraft server?

If so, I noticed that the developer has added a configuration option for the amount of RAM used. You need to set an environment variable in your balenaCloud application called RAM and set the value to the amount of RAM to use. However, can I just check how much memory your Pi4 device has first?
That variable is checked by the startup script, and set for you, so you don’t need to edit any files yourself: