Update when a image gets updated

Hi there,

I have a question:

How can I update my application when an image gets updated on DockerHub?

what I have:

  • A raspberry pi3 running an application with a docker compose file.
  • There are 8 services in the compose file. All Images are on docker hub.
    I normally push changes to the compose file via: git push balena. this works like a charm.

but when I change a container on Docker hub, how can I tell my balena device to pull the new container?

yesterday I changed a config file in a telegraf container. then I pushed the container to dockerhub. but my balena device did not pull the chaneged container yet.

is there a way to force a repull?

or does anyone have d good update routine?

thanks for your help :slight_smile:


I think you have to repush to get your services updated, you can push to balena-nocache branch which will build your application from scratch so it will always pull the latest base images. You can find more details here https://www.balena.io/docs/learn/deploy/deployment/#additional-options-2.