Balena Etcher failing to flash tails os to USB

For context I am attempting to install Tails OS from a Mac Ventura 13.4.1 to a USB (I have so far tried 2-Sandisk Cruzer and EMTEC) with Balena Etcher following the instructions from the link below:
Despite my hardware appearing to meet the requirements, the flash will not complete. Below is the process I went through with both USBs unsuccessfully:

Step 1-4(of the guide in the url above)-no issues-tails downloaded and balena etcher installed successfully.

Step 5-I followed all the instructions carefully(plugged in my usb, clicked ‘Flash from file’, selected my USB then clicked ‘Flash’. I was then asked to enter ‘my password’(which I assume means the one I use to unlock the Mac Home Screen?) which I did and was shown the result: ‘Failed target’. Clicking on a button called ‘more info’ revealed the ‘target’ to be Sandisk USB snap media, ‘location’ as ‘dev/disk3 and ‘error’ as EPERM: operation not permitted, open ‘/dev/rdisk3’.

I took my Mac and USBs into an Apple Store to see if the staff could help me, and one of them helped me to reformat my USBs. After I gave the process a second try and getting the same results as before the reformatting it became clear this was not the issue however. I was then advised to contact balena etcher.

That is the summary-any advice much welcome!