Balena Dashboard Reports High Memory Usage

On the Balena Cloud Dashboard my device reports using 458 MB/497 MB and the bar has turned red to reflect the high usage.

When running the ‘free’ command in terminal I see the following:

              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:         508972      272720       43560        5020      192692      251296
Swap:        127240        4352      122888

Seems the dashboard is reading the free memory, instead of the available memory (a more accurate reflection of resource use)? Would be more helpful if the dashboard displayed ‘available’ memory.

Hi @maggie, thanks for the report. I managed to find this PR where it’s explained how the memory calculation is performed and why: Improve calculation for used system memory by pipex · Pull Request #1487 · balena-os/balena-supervisor · GitHub. Note that you need to be running supervisor v12.0.5 or newer for this to apply. Is it possible you are using an older version?

Orange Pi Zero:

balenaOS 2.60.1+rev1


2.60.1 is the latest image from the staging page. Why would the supervisor be out of date?

Are Supervisor updates automatic? If not, is it recommended to manually update or just to bump versions with the OS updates?

I can confirm that updating the Supervisor does report a more logical memory usage.

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Thank you for confirming that this works @Maggie have a good day!