Balena Dash with RPi Zero no wifi


I want to run Balena OS and Balena Dash with RPiZero no wifi. I see in the code have wifi-connect, how to modify it to use LAN via USB only?

You can find on how to setup your piZero as a Ethernet gadget here
I’ve not heard of people doing this with balenaOS, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work in theory. I’d give it a go myself, however I don’t have the hardware with me.
Maybe @chrisys has tried this before?

@thanh_tan this should be as simple as adding the USB LAN adapter - wifi-connect doesn’t do anything if there is an active connection. If you do want to remove it you can remove that block from the docker-compose.yml file and delete the wifi-connect folder, the rest of the project will work find without it. I hope this helps!