balena-cloud domains to whitelist when wildcard is not possible

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We are currently configuring the firewall for a modem and have discovered we cannot use wildcards when specifying domains to whitelist. The docs say that * should be whitelisted but that is not possible in our case.

I’ve found Firewall configuration without wildcards - #2 by ab77 which is the exact solution we need – I’d just like to check whether that list is still current?

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Hello @mk-sb welcome to the balena community!

Actually we do not recommend to introduce specific domains, as this can change and then that can become a problem for you in future versions.

Did you try this? Firewall configuration without wildcards - #2 by ab77

Hi Marc,

Thank you for the reply. I understand specifying undocumented domains can cause trouble down the line but we’re told from our networking people that the modem’s firewall cannot accept wildcards. We’ve not had the chance to test the list from the other thread yet but I was hoping to have a “true” list as having the list be out of date or slightly wrong could lead to unpredictable results.



Hello @mk-sb first of all apologizes for the late reply. I didn’t get any ping from our support tool!

Did you solve your issue here? What solution did you take?