Balena CLI in Docker Container

I am using Codeship Pro as my CI/CD pipeline which builds my Dockerfile from alpine:3.8 and installs Balena CLI via npm. A docker-compose.yml (containing 3 services) is copied into the image and a file is copied into the image (where Balena CLI commands are executed).

When the container is run and is invoked, the CLI output logs list [Build] Built 3 services in 0 seconds followed by [Error] Build failed. No such file or directory: /dev/fd/12

Could anyone point me in the right direction to debug this scenario?

@scubacyclecode could you provide a link to the compse & deploy script?

Dockerfile used to execute the Balena CLI,

docker-compose.yml for Balena services (reduced it to 1 service for the purposes of testing),,

I found 2 issues here and I will consider the issue resolved.

  1. I was building the Dockerfile from the root (oops).
  2. Codeship does allow containers to be run in privileged mode, which Balena CLI requires.
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@scubacyclecode I am glad you resolved it, but thanks for sending through the files anyway.