Balena and WifiConnect use in Japan

Does anyone have experience deploying BalenaOS devices (Raspberry Pi 3) in the Japanese/Asia market, and specifically using the WifiConnect phone application to setup Pi wifi credentials? We have a client considering deploying this type of solution in the Japanese market and need to understand any limitations we may face.

If so, can you deliver updates to your devices reliably, and are there any issues using WifiConnect with Japanese routers/passwords/etc?

Hi, while we do not direct experience with Asian routers ourselves, we have clients there that have not reported any issues. Thinking of this - the only potential issue I could imagine is if Japanese routers encode their SSID in a non-utf-8 encoding. Then those access points would be skipped by WiFi Connect. Having said that if there is such an issue, we can quickly fix that by adding additional argument for encoding, etc.