Autorestart container after error

Hi guys!

I have some errors while containers work and I have to restart them manually.

I wonder if it possible to configure to reboot container or all device if error is occurred? see screenshots:

Thanks in advance!

Hello, it seems you’re catching the exception and your app is kept alive. If you let your process crash it will be immediately restarted by the Supervisor.

Thanks for a quick reply. Can you please look at this screenshot?

I’m also looking for a variable setting or another package to monitor the Raspberry Pi error. I have electron.js running a presentation URL for digital signage and when it errors, I have to manually restart. Would ne nice to have a setting to auto restart or perhaps something like this could monitor the instance

@vaskar I faced the same error. Did you have any solution for that? It seems the problems of WPE itself.

The supervisor API has endpoints that trigger a device reboot or a container restart that should do exactly what you want