Are OpenBalena API's Publically available?

I was wondering if OpenBalena API’s are publically available?

I couldn’t find documentation or any resource where I can find APIs for OpenBalena.

You can find getting started guide here:

After setting up open-balena, you can connect balena-cli or balena-sdk to it. If you have any specific questions, please ask

Yes, I have already configured openbalena using that documentation and connected balena cli to that device.
But suppose if I want to use existing openbalena API to develop a GUI ( For example ) then I wanted to know if API’s are available?

Hey @sharvin26, I will confirm this with the team and get back to you!

Okay, Thanks @dansku

@Sharvin26 the API is documented in the balenaCloud documentation, with the caveat that anything related to unsupported features will not work.

This documentation can be found here

Thanks, @richbayliss for the detailed response.