openBalena Documentation

Hi openBalena Team,

First off thanks for creating such a great product that is enabling some really powerful use cases.

I would like to contribute to making it even better in the ways that I can. One area in particular that I think needs work and I could contribute to is documentation specific to openBalena.

I know the balenaCloud doco covers a lot of it but there are a number of issues specific to openBalena that I have found that excellent guides/answers to buried in this forum. There are four or five posts I can think of off the top of my head that need to be put into guides.

I know its in the roadmap to create doco for openBalena - is there anyway I can contribute to this or perhaps could a repo be setup to contain openBalena doco that we could all contribute to?



Thanks a lot for your interest in contributing! We’d love nothing more than making it possible for the community to get involved in our projects.

Right now the docs that are present for openbalena are a subset of our main website - and are built from a private repo. This is not ideal, and we are discussing about changing this - we’ll keep you posted on this thread about any progress we make.

In the meantime, can you please open an issue on open-balena’s github repo - Issues · balena-io/open-balena · GitHub - so that we don’t miss out on ideas on how to make the docs better!

Thanks for the response. I have created an issue in git.