Arduino Portenta X8 support

I was wondering if the Portenta X8 would be balena-isabled with its NXP I.MX 8M processor .
It comes out of the box with a Yocto build .

Looking at the datasheet ( ) this could potentially be possible. It looks like Portenta X8 normally uses a container service by another company, probably a paid one(?)

But I have not yet seen the board support package / BSP for this specific board, I wonder if Arduino is going to opensource it, otherwise it is going to be a lot of work.

However, I am just an Ambassador, some balena guy can probably answer that question better - but you can always add your own support - all infos here: Customer Board Support - Balena Documentation


@nmaas87 ,
thanks for the feedback.
Arduino uses as container service provider , but I’d rather use balena so I hope they will go open source for this board , I will ask them.


Hello @Keja thanks for your message and welcome to the balena community.

Actually we are in conversations with Arduino to explore how to balenify this board. However I’m happy to support you if you would like to balenify it. As @nmaas87 pointed there is no Yocto BSP available publicly. Instructions to support a customer board on balena are here.

Do you think you can work on this and we can provide you support?

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