An "awesome list" for


An awesome list is a curated collection of useful/helpful/“awesome” resources for a particular topic. Ideally they should include things that the people in the know about that topic would likely recommend. There’s of course an awesome list of awesome lists, so you can see a lot of examples, and hopefully inspiration too!

I’ve thought it would be interesting gather some related helpful resources as well, and here’s a start fore that:

It’s very barebones at the moment, so any suggestions are appreciated:

  • links/projects to include
  • categories to add
  • notes on items that are not that awesome, and maybe shouldn’t be there.


how about resin-wifi-connect?


Yes, great point, will be adding that in the next round today! :stars:


Not sure if it qualifies but I think the info in the bandwidth usage blog post is really helpful. Especially for people looking to manage devices over connections that are limited or expensive.


What do you think, would that maybe work well in a Tutorials section? (where good tutorials written by anyone regarding certain aspects could be listed).


Yeah, some sort of tutorial or general info section would be good. I was thinking about it being under the software components section but it didn’t quite fit, so maybe a new section is needed!


Added some more sections to awesome-resin-io, mostly the SDK and Blogposts sections, let me know if you have suggestions any time to add!