Adding Squeezelite to Balenasound container

Hi. I’ve just flashed Balenasound and it works! I’d like to add Squeezelite to it but I don’t really know what I’m doing: I’m a user and definitely not a software developer.

I’m trying to follow these instructions:

And trying to incorporate this image:

I created a new copy of the balena-sound app and edited its docker-compose.yml to point to the squeezelite Dockerfile in the same directory, adding:

      context: ./Dockerfile
      dockerfile: ./Dockerfile

(YML file attached, renamed with a “.log” extension so the forum would allow the upload)

But when I push the app, I just get:

[Error]             Could not detect project type: Service rpi-squeezelite: Specified file not found or is invalid: Dockerfile
[Error]             Not deploying release.

What is the obvious mistake I’m probably making?docker-compose.log (1.6 KB)

Hi there! Thanks for checking out balenaSound, glad you got it running!

About the docker-compose.yml, the file you shared is almost correct. The context keyword under build is used to indicate the path to where the dockerfile is located, and the dockerfile keyword to indicate the name of said dockerfile. Dockerfile is the default dockerfile name so you can avoid adding the dockerfile keyword if that’s the case. Also, in that case, you can also “collapse” the context into build for a short version of it. Let me exemplify it…

So in your case, assuming you have the Dockerfile on the same directory as you have the docker-compose.yml any of these should work:

   context: ./
   dockerfile: Dockerfile
   context: ./
build: ./

Let us know if this is of help! Cheers!

Perfect, thanks!