Adding AirPrint to Printers with a Raspberry Pi

Hello, I’m so new to this but I always welcome challenges in life especially now during these Covid days. I’m having a lot of trouble trying to get AirPrint to work at my home by following these instructions ( I have a Brother HL-2280DW printer. I can’t find a ppd file for this exact printer, so I’m using the ppd file for the Brother HL-2270DW printer. Can this possibly be the problem? I don’t see any instructions on how to push code to the Raspberry Pi. Maybe this isn’t required and hope you care to share your knowledge on this.
Thank you. Vito

Hi @v_sabia

Thank you for contacting support! With regard to the ppd file, it is difficult to say whether the Brother HL-2270DW ppd file should work or not, but it might still be worth a try.

In order to help us get to the bottom of this, can you please let us know what steps you executed, at what point in the process you encounter this problem, and what exactly the malfunction / error messages are?

I don’t see any instructions on how to push code to the Raspberry Pi.

Once you create and deploy the application, and provisioned the device with the downloaded image, the device will automatically download the application code from balenaCloud. Then, the ppd file is used for configuration as described in the blog post Or which code are you referring to here?

Kind regards