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I started all over again. This time CUPS was properly installed. The printer was found too, by Balena-Cups (Xerox 6125). Sadly there was no listed printer fir the Xerox. I went to
Searched for my printer Xerox/Xerox-Phaser_6125 and got this result:

Xerox Phaser 6125
Color laser printer, max. 600x600 dpi, this is a Paperweight

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Throughput = 16 Foomatic entry made by PPDtoXML T/G 0.05
I have no idea what that means by my guess is that ‘Paperweight’ means that I can forget it.
The links to the forum are dead, but does the last line mean that there is a PPD???
It seems that I have a PPD, Installed it. My iPhone/iPad recognizes the printer as an air printer, though the printer doesn’t print. The print jubs appear in CUPS. But not in windows According to windows the printer is offline. It seems all the effort has been in vain. I probably could’ve purchased an air printer ready color laser printer if I had billed the hours fooling around to get it running


  • For some reason I am unable to open the open printing links you pasted. Is the site down?
  • Regardless, I think if there’s no cups support for the printer - unless you can manually, painstakingly add support for the printer with a new ppd - you might be out of luck.
  • Wrt you seeing the device on your ios devices, I believe Apple maintains their own stuff - - so there might be something in there, but we’d have to track down that, and add it to regular CUPS. But that would be all for naught if you don’t get it to work using Apple cups in the first place