Add Existing (wiped) Device to fleet

I wiped a Balena device and it removed it from the Fleet, but I still see it on my local network.
It’s showing the Balena logo so I assume Balena OS is running.
Can I use the CLI to somehow re-link the Device to my Fleet (of 1)
I don’t have a micro SD at the moment to do the process again.

I think you can use balena scan

And then balena join

Hello, as @shawaj mentioned, balena join can be used to restore a device. However, this only works if you have local (or gateway) access to the device. Also, this would not work on production devices unless you have added an ssh key beforehand, because local ssh is otherwise blocked on production devices. If that is not the case, then this would only work for a development device. Note also that while the info of a device re-registered in this way will remain the same, the id will change (although we encourage using UUIDs instead of ids for referencing devices).

If you decide to try this, we recommend trying on a test device first to confirm that the results and workflow are as expected.

Aside from the above, there is no way to restore deleted devices.

Thanks @myarmolinsky and @shawaj - I think I will have to reboot it from SD.