Add BSP meta layer from a non-github repo


It’s been a while since we got our balena-owa5X repo online and working:

Now we have a publicly available repo hosted on a custom gitlab instance in our company and would like to host our meta-owasys in it.

The goal is to be able to remove “meta-owasys” from Github and add “meta-owasys” from our Gitlab as a submodule on :

Has been there any changes on this? Is it now possible or are we still forced to add our submodules from a github hosted repo?

Thanks in advance!

Hello! Any update on this?

Thanks in advance!


Currently the meta-owasys repository is fetched from GitHub - Owasys/meta-owasys: Owasys yocto layer for the owa5X device.

As long as it’s a public repository with no authentication and no rate limiting (for CI/CD) it can be hosted anyway.

So please go ahead and PR the change to gitlab pointing to the same commit.