Accessing other blocks on startup

Hey there, I’ve got a Raspberry Pi 4 application, and we’re currently attempting to add a UI to the application that will allow us to set up WiFi directly on the touchscreen without the need of a cell phone.
I’ve installed the Balena Starter interface block found here:

As well as the Python wifi connect found here:

My issue is that when my Raspberry pi starts up, my application immediately takes over, and there’s no access to the Balena Starter interface. I believe this is to do with my Shell Scripts setup, but I don’t know how to adjust these.
The documentation was unclear on how to get this running in an existing application. Can you help me to access this UI?

Hello @Mattssmith94 could you please confirm what ports your application are using?

Hi Mpous, my application is running on 8080, 6379, 8282, and I’ve added in the balena starter interface on 80.