Write software that use GPIO - advice

I need to write a software that will use GPIO to control some led, button and things like that. Moreover I’m gonna implement a REST server to read data. I will use a touch monitor.
I was thinking to use python3, guizero for the UI, gpiozero for the GPIO and eventually a flask instance for the REST part.
My question is if the gpiozero will work for the GPIO part as it works on normal raspberry, it should but I’d like to ask first.
Because is going to be an industrial application, so there will be a lot of up and down power without proper shutdown, I’m wondering which OS is better in this case, yours or the raspberry original.


Hey @Cesare, GPIO should definitely with with balenaOS, with some documentation here: https://www.balena.io/docs/learn/develop/hardware/

BalenaOS has been designed with the idea that power could be pulled at any moment, so I would imagine that this would be better suited for your needs.