Wifi-connect problem

I was able to use wifi-connect the first time i installed it. Access Point appeared in my mobile phone and I was able to enter ssid and password. But i tried to delete the connection using nmcli con delete. Now when i start wifi-connect, i can see the access point in my mobile. i can login and get an ip address, But i cant see the captured portal. It;s a blank screen. I get notifications in my mobile to login into the network, but when i click it, there’s no way to enter ssid and password. Its just a blank screen… Thanks…

Hi Maoie,

I saw your report in the Github repo as well. Let’s continue the conversation there and after it is resolved, I am going to post a summary report here as well.


Just as a note here that as per the discussion in the resin-wifi-connect repo this is a known issue, which will be fixed soon.