Wifi-connect issues - not showing access point on JETSON TX2

I used wifi-connect to create hotspot on JETSON TX2. In logs it shows successfully that access point is created but i am not able to find access point.

It successfully showing - Access point ‘TEGRA’ created , but i am not able to see it at all.

Please check below image for more reference

Can you also share your docker-compose / dockerfile ?
Enabling support access to your device and giving us the dashboard url of it might help us further investigate this.

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Enabling support access ?
Do i need to buy paid plan ? As of now i am working on 2 devices but in next 3 months will move to maximum of 10 devices only.

Giving us the dashboard url ?
How to do this ?

Hello @yyogeshwar support access can be enabled from the dashboard, to reach that you must go to the device summary page (you can reach that by clicking on an application and then selecting one of the devices that belong to the application). Once you are on that page there should be a drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the box with all the device information (the icon is an arrow pointing down) From there you should be able to grant support access, which will allow balena support agents to access your device through SSH.
Support is available for any plan, no need to upgrade for that. The personal plan should allow up to 10 devices so that should be good for now but have a look at https://www.balena.io/pricing for more information on the paid plans.

Oh and the dashboard URL that Thodoris mentioned is simply the URL of the device summary page, in alternative also the device UUID should suffice.

Is this a Jetson on a development board or on a different carrier? Doee it have the wifi antennas connected?

When you run iwlist (you can install the wireless-tools using apt-get) do you see your other office wifi networks?

I have granted access to support.

Device uuid is - 1b985436410d59e0aa0372fc3635658e

in case you guys wanna have a look at this.

yes , i am able to see other wifi and also able to connect to wifi but when i ran wifi-connect app , in logs shows everything is successful but does not shows any hotspot which wifi-connect app created


The WiFi driver for Jetson TX2 needs some additional configuration to put it in hotspot mode.

There was a similar thread on forums Jetson TX2 Wifi Hotspot

Got it working , able to see hotspot

But got new issue , now list of access points is empty after changing op_mode to 2 as per above solution ,

[wifi_connect::network:WARN] No access points found - giving up…

Plus if i type in my ssid & password , it will not get connected to wifi

Hi, I see the device’s connected to two networks, one wired and one wireless (the hotspot). Could you try without being connected to any network first? So, just using wifi-connect. NetworkManager disables auto-scanning for networks when there’s already an active connection, in this case the wired one