Wifi-Connect - How to scan while in AP mode

Wifi-connect seems to allow users to scan while in AP mode, however it seems this is not natively supported by NMCLI. I have discovered that iwlist scan can be used while in AP mode but currently in my container doesnt update its scan until NMCLI scan is run, which isnt possible . Still testing but hoping wifi-connect team can give me a clue as to how they accomplish this.

Hi Dylan,

Just to clarify, are you looking to run wifi-connect functionality in a different container/service or a combination? Or are you trying to figure out how wifi-connect works to hand off the connection?


Currently I am just trying to figure out how wifi-connect scans while in AP mode.
I have a nextJS app with it own UI, so I installed NMCLI and my nextJS app utilizes a network-manager node package.

I’m open to moving the backend function to wifi-connect, not sure the exact way tho.

Hi, WiFi Connect does not scan when in AP mode since the NetworkManager API does not support this. It actually scans for networks just before entering AP mode. It also does another scan when exiting AP mode and creating a new connection profile with the credentials passed through the UI.


Thank you Zahari.

I installed iw within my container and was successfully able to scan in AP mode with "iw wlan0 scan"

I am running the container in privileged mode and setting network to host.

Wondering if there a way to not run the container in privileged (or if it really matters XD).

Otherwise this seems solved for now.