White Stripe on 7in Screen Raspberry Pi 3



OS: Resin OS 2.0.0+rev3 (dev)
Device: Raspberry PI 3
Screen: 7.0 Inch 1024x600 Pixel IPS
Project: resin-io/resin-electronjs

Building and downloading works great, during which the screen is completely black. Once the application has downloaded and run on the pi the screen flickers and displays a white stripe on the left side of the display.


Hey @infining what amount of memory have you allocated to the GPU? by default the RPI family only is setup with 16MB for the GPU. I would recommend setting it somewhat higher, by adding the following to your /boot/config.txt:



@shaunmulligan thanks, will try that out.

edit: why would I need to change start_x to 1? From the resin config.txt:


Set to “1” to enable the camera module.

Enabling the camera requires gpu_mem option to be specified with a value

of at least 128.

Default 0


I am not using the camera.

edit2: No go on the gpu_mem=128, same white stripe.


Thank you @shaunmulligan for helping me realize that the config.txt is in the /boot folder of the sd card. Added recommended changes to that file which was listed on the screen’s product page and my problem is resolved:

hdmi_cvt 1024 600 60 6 0 0 0


Awesome, glad you got it working @infining :slight_smile: