what would happen if I choose my system drive to flash an OS onto?

I’m just wondering. I don’t really have a flash drive currently, and I want to know if it could damage my SSD in any way. I don’t mind if my data is wiped, I was going to wipe it anyways.

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I think you’d enter a weird state, as an application in your currently running OS, would overwrite parts of the running OS before hitting a point where the stuff that is required to run the OS would no longer be there. This is my best guess - I have pinged the engineer working on Etcher as well.

This is not something I’ve tried.
System drives are hidden by default to avoid doing this by accident.

So either the OS will prevent it in some way, either it will crash when it needs to read something from the system drive that’s no longer there.
On Windows, the first step of flashing a drive is to run diskpart clean on it. I’m not sure Windows would allow it on the current system drive. I wouldn’t recommend trying though unless you want to loose your data and reinstall your system.
On Linux and macOS it would probably work, your system would crash at some point and you’d have to reinstall everything.

In short: don’t try this.

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