What is the use of public ip address in the balena dashboard? SSH into balena using public ip ?

What is the use of public ip address in the balena cloud dashboard ? If i want to ssh into balena over a network then can we use the public ip address of the balena? I am not able to ping successfully on the public ipaddress.

Please help.

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Hi Rohit, welcome to balenaForums and thanks for your question. The public IP shown on balenaCloud dashboard is public IP address of your home network (provided by ISP). Usually any inbound connection coming from outside to public ip address is blocked by firewall and NAT unless a port forwarding is enabled on the device listening to incoming traffic on specified port. This is not a secure and best way since public IP can change.

If you want to SSH into your balena device over your local network LAN. You can simply use balenaCli for your platform and execute following command from your terminal:

balena ssh <device_uuid> <container_name> . Read more about it here.

If you want to SSH into the device from outside your local network, you can always use balenaCloud dashboard and ssh into any service running onto your device. This uses VPN to establish the connection with the device.

Let me know if it helps :slight_smile: