What are we working on? The Balena Notes

Cheers Carlo!

These days I’m focusing on different events. Two weeks ago our Spring Hackathon, last weekend the HackCity hackathon that we’ve sponsored, and now looking forward there are a couple of events in the US and UK that we’d like to stage or support. There are a number of meetups in and around London that we are preparing to present at, excited about that since I’m a frequent visitor of those, very intriguing discussions all the time. More on all of these soon - in the meantime, if you are hosting an event (meetup, hackathon, etc), and we can help in any way, just let us know! :wink:

This week I’m also on support, so will be around to answer questions and debug issues even more than usual. :incoming_envelope:

There are a bunch of features & tools that could use some documentation or demo project love, I’d like to pitch in that more in the near future. I’ve seen first hand at the hackathons recently how much difference a top-notch “getting started” project can make. :wrench:

On the fun side, I’m looking into hacking a 3DBency boat into an interactive tabletop piece as part of my upcoming Hack Fridays work. :motorboat:

For tomorrow’s update, I nominate @willn, one of our new team members! :grin: