What about a program that opposite Etcher

I mean
I used Etcher to flash my own linux img to a hard drive and very successed. For my linux is special and sensitive custom. Now I need a successful program like Etcher or something TO VIRTUALIZE the hard drive to A VMDK or something that VMWare can boot from it, not the hard drive anymore, please. Sorry for my bad english.

Yeah, not sure if thats possible with VMware. However i have not used vmware so if any vmware users are reading, help this guy out.

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Hi @trongducvtc

A quick google shows quite a few tools that claim to be able to do just that – I haven’t used them personally, but it seems quite possible: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=create+vmdk+from+hard+drive

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Do you mean essentially backing up the data on the drive to an image file or is this more of a specialised case of making exactly a VMDK file? The former is definitely planned for Etcher and we are getting closer to that feature with the drive cloning that is necessary for Etcher Pro. The only next step after that is done, is to implement the UI and allow users to instead save to a file instead of a whole target device.

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I tried using some software but when I run VMware, it keeps saying “Operating System not found”. But now I figured it out that I can make a .VHD from windows and use etcher to flash it successfully. :slight_smile: