VLAN support / configuration

Does BalenaOS have support for VLAN network configuration? How does one go about setting it up?

Hi, balenaOS does not enforce VLAN kernel configuration so whether support is available will depend on the specific BSP settings. What device type are you using?
Also, what is your specific application to require VLAN support? Usually non-VLAN enabled devices are plugged into a VLAN capable switch to join a VLAN segmented network.

We’ll be using raspberry pi’s for the purpose of ISP out of band management devices.
For our typical / present applications we’ll just be plugging them into VLAN aware switches that won’t require an device VLAN configuration, so I’m mostly more asking to know the potential capabilities for future use-cases.

Hi, in the case of the RaspberryPi BSP the VLAN_8021Q module is added to the root filesystem. You could always reach us through support or PR any specific settings your application requires directly into the balena-raspberrypi device repository for us to add the support to future BalenaOS releases.