Set VLAN from App's Config

Hello, I’d like to assign VLANs to an App with balenaCloud, but I am not finding anything, so I assume the functionality does not exist.

Can I have app with network privileges that sets up the VLANs based on container tags of other apps on the same device?

Heya ! We haven’t tested any VLAN-enabled configurations ourselves, so this is interesting !

One option that we can see here is to do it via network manager, on the host level - see and - this would not have knowledge of the specific containers though, would be per-device/network interface instead.

There also seems that there is an option using docker-compose - . You may need to enable privileged : true and network_mode: "host" in addition to addition to that.

We haven’t tested any of the above ourselves so really curious if you’d have time to see if any of this works - that would be super useful.

In the meantime I have flagged this with the people that work in this area internally so we can see if anything can be done on our side to better support this case.