USB Audio Interface with Pi 4

I see that BalenaOS detects my Komplete Audio 6 when I lsusb to check.

How do I change the default output from the AUX to my KA6?

Have you tried the audio block balenaHub - IoT embedded device apps, edge computing resources, and developer tools ? The intent of that block (container) is to “Provides an easy way to work with audio applications in a containerized environment”. With that block the default prioritization is USB > DAC > HEADPHONES > HDMI. And you have some other options available via the AUDIO_OUTPUT variable, see GitHub - balena-labs-projects/audio: Audio building block for balenaOS, based on pulseaudio.. It is one of our more popular blocks. If you do try the block, please let us know how it goes.

Hi, following up per my colleague’s previous message. Have you tried the suggested audio block? If you have, could you please confirm whether it was fitting for your usecase and addressed your request?