Help with balena-sound and usb sound card configuration

I found balena etcher great. I liked the project suggestions. I decided to give a try to balena-sound. I have a raspberry pi zero and several usb sound cards. I do understand that the Digital Audio will provide better sound, but I have these USB adapters.
Balena-sound is working. I plugged and HDMI cable and the audio was working on the TV. The USB adapter is shown in alsamixer.
I have been looking different sources on how to configure alsa to use one adapter as default sound option. As balena-sound is a minimal installation there is a lot of configuration files that are not there. So I found some post suggesting about adding lines or editing mpd.conf .asoundrc or /etc/asound.conf but there are such files.
I tried some years ago some command line sound stuff and in the end I gave up.
I think that will be nice to have some tips to this setup as USB adapters are cheaper that a Digital Audio Hats. Even I am considering getting and HDMI to VGA adapter with stereo connector output. It is also cheaper than de Digital Audio.


Most likely (as you already suggested) you need to adapt/create a .asoundrc or /etc/asound.conf
to use a USB connected device instead of the AUX port.

I would also raise an issue (with label feature request) against the balena-sound github repository where you request the need to play sound via USB devices.



We are going to see if this is something that can be easily supported, and hopefully come back with a solution.


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I commented here with a somewhat inelegant but simple workaround involving creating an /etc/asound.conf


Thanks … I posted there my step by step implementation of your suggestion. I wouldn’t be able to do so without the community help.

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