Upgrade Linux Mint using Etcher

Have a laptop with 250gb now nearly full, has 2 partitions one for Win7and one for Linux Mint 17. Changing HDD to 2Tb.
Want to make a new partition for Linux19.3 (last 32 bit vs) and install.

Is Etcher suitable for doing this? Any tutorials out there?

Would end up with 3 partitions, Win7 (used very little) Linux Mint 17 (all data will be transferred into Linux Mint 19.3, then partition closed) and the new partition for Linux Mint 19.3 with data added ex LM17.
I am 77 so do easy on me.
Charles Harris
New Zealand

Hi Charles, welcome to the community! I understand what your are describing, but, unfortunately Etcher won’t be able to perform those tasks. In fact, I am not entirely sure there is a “simple” process for this. I think it would have to be done with some specialized partition software, or perhaps from a second linux machine that has both the source and the destination drives connected to it. Sorry that’s not super helpful, but, it’s not something Etcher can do natively, so I don’t have much experience with it.