Updated pricing

With the much anticipated multi-container announcement came updated pricing plans. This is at least the second change in price in the 8 or so months I’ve been using the service. I’m not bothered by the introduction of the $1.50/device rate for multi-container devices; I see the value in that. However, the removal of the option to purchase additional devices at the prototype and pilot levels will significantly impact how I use Resin.

Two questions:

  1. How likely are further changes to pricing in the next year?
  2. Any chance that Resin will re-introduce the option to purchase additional devices at the prototype and pilot tiers?

Hi there,

All paying customers have been grandfathered into their existing plans, so if you’ve got a plan already you can keep using that. In general we want to continue to evolve pricing while allowing existing customers to keep their plans.

We are considering, after conversations with users and customers, adding back the ability to add devices to the pilot plan, so that’s almost certainly going to be added back this week.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Hi Alexandros,
Thanks for the rapid reply. Unfortunately, we were planning to start a paid plan on the 15th, so we won’t be grandfathered in. If you bring back the ability to add devices to the Pilot plan, that should work for our needs.

Hey there – we’ve had some internal conversation that led us to lock that change in, we’ll be deploying the pricing page change shortly (pilot plans can add as many devices as they want, though we’ll still keep volume discounts to the production/enterprise plans)

Hi Alexandros,

I also think that’s the way to go. I’ve spoke to Bryan Hale the other day regarding a related issue, and believe users should be allowed to feel - by themselves - the need to hire a plan that includes premium support options. That will happen naturally, as the project matures, so there is no need to make the premium option the only available strategy to them at above 100 devices.
By allowing subscribers of the pilot plan to add devices at will, at the current price (USD1 to USD1,5) you’ll definetely lower the bar to entry, something which is really important in any market / region.
I can also see the value of the multi-container option. The current pricing scheme is more than reasonable in that regard.

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Hi @ymaia, thanks for the additional feedback. We really value this type of input as we think about our pricing plans.

We’ve gone ahead and made the changes to our pricing page, so subscribers to pilot plans can continue to add devices.