Update to custom OS version or kernel (confused by error in cloud dashboard)

I tried building my required kernel module using https://github.com/balena-os/kernel-module-build. When I settled on using beaglebone-black headers, rather than beaglebone-green-wifi, I was able to find a version matching the balenaOS version and get my module built. However, when I loaded it, my iio subsystem stopped reporting a local service.

The module works for me in the latest 5.4.70-ti-r21 kernel from https://github.com/beagleboard/linux, so I tried simply installing it from the .deb file. It reported

insmod: ERROR: could not insert module ./hm3301.ko: Invalid module format

I’ve gone through the hurdles of building my own disk image using the meta-balena sources, so I thought I might be able to figure out how to extract the right bits and update the balenaOS. I was rather confused by this error.

Looking at this forum in making this post, I found Remote OS upgrade of custom host image possible?. The original link to the hostapp-update script seems to be broken, but https://github.com/balena-os/balenahup is there and seems to be the new method. I’m still working through it as I have to get my Yocto build setup again, but let me know if I’m making it harder than it needs to be.

Hi Jason,

I’m expecting it to be a mismatch in the version magic or similar with the module from the deb, should be visible in dmesg.

Does this module come with the kernel, is there a config for it that you need enabled, maybe we can include it in the hostOS directly. If so, please let us know the details, which config it is and for which board.

It is in the 5.4.70-ti-r21 version of the BeagleBoard kernel. Not sure how often you sync with the Beagle kernel. I typically get anything I need added there.

Hi Jason,

the balenaOS kernel is now based on 5.4.70-ti-r19 and we can look at updating to r21. Could you please confirm that the driver in question is hm3301 and therefore you need to enable CONFIG_HM3301 for the beaglebone black?


Yes, that is correct.

Hey @jkridner, I’ve opened the following GitHub issue to bump the kernel version for Beaglebone to 5.4.70-ti-r21.

We’ll ping you when we have updates!

Hi @jkridner,

The image v2.67.3+rev1 for Beaglebone Green Gateway is available in production and includes the r21 kernel and the HM3301 module.