Unable to access device via resin ssh

We’ve recently deployed a device with resinOS 2.0.4+rev1 and supervisor 4.2.2 (NUC version) and I’m unable to use resin ssh to access it. I receive the following error:

user USERNAME does not have permission to access device DEVICEUUID

Which is strange, because my user “owns” that device, and I can access the terminal fine via the dashboard. I can access all other device, just this one with 2.04 is inaccessible.

Anyone have any ideas?


This is strange indeed. Are other devices using the older versions of the OS?

Any other differences between them?

Can you please send the sensitive information (your resin username, application ID / name, specific device UUID) to us through support@resin.io?

Hiya, other devices are using Resin OS 2.0.0-beta.8 - I’ve sent the info via email. Thanks!